Learn to Read Guitar Music Notation

Music Notation is a system of symbols that guitarists use to write down their music.

There are two types of music notations for guitar, sheet music notation, and tablature. For classical guitar, you should focus on learning sheet music notation because this is how most of the music is written.

Click on one of the lessons below to learn how read music notation for guitar.

Music Notation Overview

These lessons will give you a general overview of how to read music notation for classical guitar.

Learn to Read Guitar Notes

These easy-to-use lessons and diagrams will help you quickly learn to read guitar notes.

Notes Overview

This first lesson will give you a general overview of how to read all the notes on the classical guitar fretboard.

  • Guitar Notes Diagram: Learn every note on the fretboard and the music staff with this easy-to-use diagram.

Notes on Each String (in First Position)

And these lessons will teach you the notes on each string of the guitar (in first position), with exercises to help you practice. Start with the 1st string and work your way down.

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