Guitar Notes Diagram

Learning all the notes on the fretboard can be a bit overwhelming at first. This diagram will make learning easy and simple.

Use this guitar notes diagram to learn all the notes on the guitar. Bookmark this page, and use it for quick reference while you learn music.

How to Use this Diagram

Each letter in the diagram below indicates a note name. Each number to the side of the diagram indicates a fret number ("0" means open strings).

To keep the diagram simple, I only wrote the "natural notes" (A, B, C, D, etc.) You can easily figure out the other "accidental notes" (A#, Bb, C#, etc.) based on the notes given. For instance, one fret above F is F#, and one fret below G is Gb.

The colors indicate note register. For instance, if two E's on the fretboard are the same color, that means they are the same exact pitch. If two E's are different colors, that means they are the same note but in different registers.

Compare the letters/colors on the fretboard and the music staff to quickly learn how to read sheet music.

Tips for Learning the Fretboard

Don't try to memorize these notes all at once! You won't be able to remember them if you do it that way. Here are a couple of tips for learning notes on the fretboard.

Tip 1: Learn by Playing Music

Reading sheet music is the easiest way to learn the fretboard. Go to Beginner Lessons to learn easy music, or go to the Sheet Music to learn more advanced music.

Tip 2: Look for Patterns

Study the diagram above, and look for as many patterns as you can possibly find. The more patterns you notice, the faster you will learn the fretboard.

Here are some example patterns:

  • Notes on the 1st string are the same as notes on the 6th string.
  • Notes on Fret 0 are the same as notes on Fret 12.
  • The "natural notes" line up evenly on Fret 0, 5, and 12. Use these frets as reference points
  • Notes on one string repeat on the next string. For instance, E - F- G on the 1st string repeats on the 5th fret of the next string.

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