Classical Guitar String Names

In Classical Guitar, each string has two different names - a letter name and a number name. Both of these names are very common among guitar players.

String Letter Names

Each classical string has a letter name based on how the classical guitar is tuned.

Since the highest-pitched, thinnest string is tuned to E, it is called the E String. And since the string below that is tuned to B, it is called the B String. You get the idea.

The words high and low are added before E String to differentiate the highest and lowest string on the guitar.

String Number Names

In addition to letter names, each classical guitar string has a number name based on the order of the strings.

The highest-pitched, thinnest, string is called the 1st string, followed by the 2nd String, 3rd String, and so on. The lowest-pitch string is called the 6th string.

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