Classical Guitar Finger Names

In Classical Guitar, the fingers on the left hand are numbered, while the fingers on the right hand are lettered.

Finger Names Diagram

Left Hand Fingers

In the left hand, the fingers are numbered progressively from 1 to 4:

  • 1 (1st finger) = index finger
  • 2 (2nd finger) = middle finger
  • 3 (3rd finger) = ring finger
  • 4 (4th finger) = pinky finger

Classical guitarists do not play with the thumb in the left hand, so it does not have a number.

Right Hand Fingers

In the right hand, the fingers are lettered. Each letter is an a abbreviation for the spanish name of each finger:

  • p (pulgar) = thumb
  • i (indice) = index finger
  • m (medio) = middle finger
  • a (anillo) = ring finger

Classical guitarists do not use the pinky in the right hand, so it does not have a letter.

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