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Getting Started

  • What is Classical Guitar? - What exactly is a classical guitar, and how it is different than other styles of guitar?
  • Guitar Terms - Terms, terms and more terms. Essential vocabulary that every classical guitarist should know. 
  • Guitar Setup - Broken string? Learn how to change strings and tune your guitar.

Shopping Advice

  • Buying a Guitar - Your guitar will be your faithful friend for years to come! Learn how to find the best classical guitar for your price range. 
  • Buying Accessories - What!? Just when you thought you could leave the guitar store without spending more money... Learn about essential guitar accessories like guitar supports, guitar tuner, and more.
  • Buying Guitar Books - Build your guitar library. Learn where to buy books, and which books I recommend.

Basic Skills

  • Technique - Starting your path towards becoming a guitar god. An overview of classical guitar technique, such as how to hold a guitar, how to pluck the strings, and how to shape your nails.
  • Reading Music - Learn your ABC's. Discover how to read guitar music through diagrams and exercises.
  • Interpretation - Learn the art and science of playing musically . Bring the notes to life with phrasing, character, and more.


  • Sheet Music - Free music... and legal too! Find music for classical guitar, organized by composer and difficulty level.

Tips and Tricks

  • Memorizing Music - Want to ditch the sheet music? Discover tips for memorizing music from years of experience. 
  • Avoiding Mistakes - Mistakes... the guitar player's best friend and worst enemy. Learn how to deal with and overcome mistakes.
  • Making a Living - Broke? Out of work? Discover what it takes to make a living as a classical guitarist. 


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